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Crime Mapping: A Journal of Research and Practice

Co-Editors Timothy C. Hart, Ph.D. & Paul Zandbergen, Ph.D

ISSN: 1942-0927 (Print) • ISSN: 2152-9876 (Online)

Keywords: Environmental Criminology, Crime Analysis, Space, Time, and Crime

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Evaluating the Temporal Parameters of Risk Terrain Modeling with Residential Burglary
Abstract | Pp. 7–38 |

Risk Terrain Modeling (RTM) assesses social and physical risk factors to aid in crime forecasting and prevention strategies (Caplan & Kennedy, 2010). This study assesses models founded on the RTM framework to forecast residential burglaries. An important step with RTM is selecting a time period that is valid, meaningful, and actionable. This study utilizes multiple time lengths with logistic regression to test the predictive validity of the models. An aoristically weighted shift-specific model and non-weighted model were created for each length and compared to kernel density hotspot mapping. Findings suggest that results vary by time length.

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