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Analyzing Criminological Data

ISBN 978-0-9992381-1-0

Terance D. Miethe, Tamara D. Madensen

13 Chapters Distribution Tables Index 481 pp

Keywords: Data Analysis, Statistics, Criminal Justice

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Analyzing Criminological Data presents the basic knowledge needed to conduct and evaluate criminological research. It begins by exploring different types of criminological research questions, how data are gathered and measured, and ways to summarize it in charts, graphs, and tabular forms. After demonstrating how to describe data with basic statistics, multiple chapters explain how sample data can be used to (1) draw conclusions about larger populations and (2) test hypotheses about criminal behavior and the criminal justice system. The text also covers more advanced statistical methods used to describe and assess relationships among criminological variables.

Applied and visual learning methods are used in this book to help develop practical analytical skills. By mastering the learning objectives within each chapter, readers will improve their ability to evaluate statistical claims found in government documents, media accounts, and academic outlets. Analyzing Criminological Data helps readers to become informed consumers of the mass amounts of criminological data that is used, and often misused, in everyday life.

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