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Serial Killers & Sexual Predators Jacket

Serial Killers & Sexual Predator

Fourth Edition

Terance D. Miethe

7 Chapters 51 Lecture Videos 217 pp

Keywords: Serial Killers, Sex Crimes, Criminal Behavior

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Serial Killers and Sexual Predators (4th Edition) explores the extent, causes, and social characteristics of serial killers and sexual predators. It begins with an examination of the nature of crime and the definitional and measurement issues surrounding its scientific study. After identifying and summarizing the general characteristics of murder and sexual assault, this e-book and the videos within it examines the following topics: (1) the popular images and scientific profile of serial killers and sexual predators, (2) various psychological and sociological theories to explain the motivations of these offenders, (3) the distribution of their crimes over time and across geographical areas, (4) the offender, victim, and situational elements surrounding these crimes and the offenders' methods of selecting victims, and (5) criminal profiling and other investigative methods for apprehending serial killers and sexual predators.

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